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2pm - 8pm

APR 18, 2017 Community Update

Construction and sales activity continue to increase in Shawnee Park. The new Phase 2 showhomes and sales centre remain on schedule for a June opening. Servicing work has commenced on Phases 5 and 6. Graywood Developments has launched a website for their Fish Creek Exchange project at April will also see the installation of additional community brand signage.

11 homes were sold in Shawnee Park to date in 2017. Only 3 presales and 7 spec home opportunities remain until the next lot release, which is anticipated just prior the showhome opening.

Mar 1, 2017 Community Update

Work continues on the new Cardel showhome parade in Phase 2, targeted for a June opening. Construction of the 2 single family bareland condominium neighborhoods in Phases 5 and 6 is scheduled to commence this spring. The sales office for the Phase 4, mixed use project by Graywood Developments of Toronto, is also in production. Now that the Phase 4 streetlight installation is complete, Cardel is working on opening up the site for easier public access.

Interest and sales activity have been increasing with 4 new sales in February.

Dec 1, 2016 Construction Update

The landscaping in Phase 4 is now complete. Trees and sod have been installed in the medians and boulevards and the park is fully landscaped with sod, trees and play structures.

Twenty-one lots in Phase 2 have been serviced with deep underground utilities, sidewalks and roads. Shallow utilities (electric, gas, Telus and Shaw) are expected to be completed by the end of February 2017.

Offsite intersection upgrades at James McKevitt and Shawnee Gate as well as Shawnee Gate and Shawnee Drive will be concluded once the City of Calgary relocates the existing traffic signals. The traffic signals are expected to be completed by mid-December, and the balance of the intersection upgrades will be completed in spring 2017.

A fall site cleanup, to prepare Shawnee Park for winter, is expected to be completed by early December.


Oct 1, 2016 Construction Update

Construction is underway to complete the landscaping in Phase 4, which includes the installation of sod on the new medians and boulevards. The Phase 4 Park is nearing completion, with sod and the new play structure anticipated to be installed by mid October.

Phase 2 construction is now underway, beginning with underground utility installation. The 21 lots in Phase 2 should be completed with roadways by the end of October.

Offsite Intersection upgrades at James McKevitt and Shawnee Gate as well as Shawnee Gate and Shawnee Drive will conclude upon the City of Calgary moving the traffic signals, which will coincide with traffic signal changes.

A fall site cleanup will occur in mid October to prepare the perimeter of Shawnee Park for winter.


Sept 1, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Final construction on upgrades to Shawnee Drive and James McKevitt will be finishing this month and we anticipate new traffic signals being installed at the James McKevitt and Shawnee Street intersection.

Phase 4 landscaping will be completed in September which includes tree planting in the new medians and boulevards on the newly constructed Shawnee Street and Shawnee Boulevard. The first park in Shawnee will be coming close to completion including a new playground that will be open to the public.

Construction on Phase 2 will begin this month starting with the underground utility construction to service 21 lots.


Aug 2, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

August will see some of the major construction projects drawing to a close in Shawnee. Intersection upgrades on James McKevitt and Shawnee Drive will be completed, and we anticipate having new traffic signals being installed, which are intended to improve morning traffic flow.

The first community park in Shawnee will be coming close to completion, located at the intersection of Shawnee Street and Shawnee Boulevard SW. The new park will include a play structure and ample greenspace for community use. The park’s completion will signal the wrap-up of Phase 4 construction.

We anticipate the start of underground servicing in Phase 2, which will be a small phase of approximately 21 single-family homes. Grading and dirt work were completed for this phase in May of this year, and we do not anticipate any major earthworks to occur in 2016.


July 11, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Paving for phase 4 will be completed in July and work will continue on the roadways to complete the landscaping. The major park in phase 4 will also be underway and begin to take shape. Offsite intersection work will continue throughout July to prepare for the new signals on the offsite intersections to improve local traffic.

Underground utility construction on phase 2 is anticipated to commence which will service the next phase of single family homes in the community.


June 3, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Shawnee Park will be busy in June as we expect the first roads to be paved on site. Underground utility construction is close to completion in Phase 4, concluding with the upgrade of sewer and storm lines on 6th Street SE. The construction of Shawnee Boulevard and Shawnee Street will begin with sidewalk construction in early June and road paving by the end of the month. These will be the first new roads in the community.

Also in Phase 4, work will begin on the new public park, which includes a play structure to be installed near the middle of the summer. To the west of Phase 4, the grading work to prepare Phases 2, 5 and 6 will conclude early in June. This will bring the new phases to proper grade in preparation for utility installation. We anticipate sewer, water and storm pipe installation in Phase 2 to begin soon.

Lastly, work will begin on offsite intersection upgrades this month. This will include the expansion of James McKevitt and Shawnee Gate, the signalization of James McKevitt and (future) Shawnee Street, adding an additional traffic lane on Shawnee Drive between 6th Street and Shawnee Gate as well as some other small upgrades.


May 1, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Servicing of Shawnee Street and Shawnee Boulevard in Phase 4 is well underway. Water, sanitary and sewer lines are being installed, which will eventually service the whole development. We anticipate installation to be completed near the end of the month.

Road construction is scheduled to begin mid May, with the goal of having the first paved roads in Shawnee Park completed by the beginning of summer.

Construction of storm and sanitary sewer upgrades will commence on 6th Street to the north and south of Shawnee Drive. Please be aware of some traffic interruptions during this construction as the work will be underway on existing roads. Detour plans will be in place to ensure accessibility to 6th Street is maintained.

Site grading has begun on the approved Stage 2 stripping and grading area (Phases 2, 5 and 6) to prepare for development. Some trees have been removed in this area to accommodate future road and servicing locations, all of which have been approved by the City of Calgary. We anticipate the grading operation to continue throughout the month.

Final details are being made for the offsite intersection upgrades. We are anticipating final approval from the City on the offsite upgrades, which will improve traffic anticipated from the development. Work may begin near the end of the month.


Mar 31, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

There will be a lot of activity on site in April, including the start of the underground utility construction in Phase 4. Storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water mains will be installed in Shawnee Boulevard and Shawnee Street to begin site servicing.

In Phases 2, 5 and 6, preparation will begin for stripping and grading, including tree removal as per the plan approved by City of Calgary in March. The grading of this area will require some additional clay material to be brought over from Phase 3, which will lower the height of the pile on the north of the site. The stripping and grading process helps form the foundation for roads and proper site drainage as per City engineering standards.

Lastly, construction will begin on Shawnee’s first park, located in Phase 4.

Mar 1, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Work will begin in March to start the removal of the loam located in the south loam pile to an offsite location. The removal of the material is anticipated to take 4 weeks to complete. Trucks will be using roads on the internal part of the site and will be exiting onto James McKevitt Road.

Later in the month, we anticipate to be close to beginning work on the underground deep services (water, sewer and storm pipes) along the new Shawnee Boulevard and Shawnee Street in Phase 4. Work will continue throughout the spring as this is a major construction project to service the entire site.

There has also been an update to the community concept map below, which reflects some product type revisions in Phase 5.


Feb 03, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Construction of residential homes is well underway on Shawnee Drive (picture taken on site February 2, 2016). Showhome and sales centre located at 707 Shawnee Drive SW is scheduled to open mid-April.

There will be equipment on site taking soil samples of the loam piles to prepare for the 2016 earthworks program.


Jan 06, 2016 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Development Permit submissions for Phases 5 and 6 have been presented to the City for circulation and review. The design review process will continue through the next few months, with construction anticipated to begin this summer.

Land Use Amendment applications have also been submitted to the City, and the circulation process is underway, with an anticipated open house to be facilitated by City planners. We will provide future updates once timelines are determined.


Dec 01, 2015 – Construction Update

Construction Update

Phase 1 construction along Shawnee Drive is now complete, and home construction is underway. We thank the community for their patience while installing the infrastructure and navigating the detour roads.

Site grading and other on-site construction is complete for 2015. We anticipate to begin installing deep underground utilities next spring.

We would like to thank the community for attending the October open house regarding the land use amendment. The open house was very well attended, and comments have been compiled and attached to our land use amendment application with the City of Calgary. The official City of Calgary circulation of the land use amendment will now proceed, and we will keep the community updated over the next few months.


Nov 03, 2015 – Project Update

Public engagement recap

On October 21, a Public Engagement meeting was held at Cardel Rec to discuss land use amendment due to the winter storm of 2014. The proposal easels from the presentation are available here for viewing.


October 28, 2015

Construction Update

Here’s the inside line on November construction developments.

Grading & Earthworks

Onsite stripping and grading is nearly complete, and earthworks will be concluding by early November. Phase 4 is almost to grade. Clay material continues to be transported to Phase 3 to prepare for future development.

Phase 1

We have now completed all of the upgrades to the underground sewer and water services for Shawnee Drive. Construction will begin on Phase 1 homes with building permits being released by the City of Calgary. Construction of shallow utilities (Enmax, Shaw, Atco Gas and streetlights) is anticipated to begin and continue through the month. There may be reduced traffic lanes due to the construction of shallow utilities.

Phase 4

Initial preparations for underground utility construction (slated for Spring 2016) will commence.



October 1, 2015

Construction Update

Construction continues to progress throughout Shawnee Park, with the following scheduled for October.

Grading & Earthworks

Grading of haul roads has been completed, and clay is being transferred from the east end of the site to the northwest end to accommodate engineering design.

Phase 1

The detour road that bypasses Shawnee Drive continues to be operational. Underground construction is almost complete, and reconstruction of Shawnee Drive, including paved roads and sidewalks, will be completed mid-October (weather dependent).

Phase 3

Moving of clay stockpiles for future development into Phase 3A underway. Ongoing construction traffic will cross Shawnee Drive from Phase 2C to Phase 3A.

Phase 4

Removal of clay from multi-family areas and transfer to phase 3A for future development.

Offsite Works

Work beginning on the upgrade of the sanitary sewer line to accommodate development will begin. Construction will be concentrated along Bannister Road under Macleod Trail.

General Community

Dust control measures are in place and a priority to the contractor. Site work for 2015 will be completed by the end of October.


Conceptual Community Map

Building toward a common vision



The Shawnee Park vision is anchored by 3 key development principles:

1. Establish a Healthy and Sustainable Urban Forest – Through existing tree protection, new tree planting and maintenance.

2. Build a Character Community – Through high-quality architectural design, master-planned landscaping and inspired streetscape design.

3. Contribute to a Complete Community – Through a variety of home styles, a transit- and pedestrian-friendly road network, neighbourhood parks, pathways, and integration with the established neighbouring community and amenities.

This community concept vision is subject to a series of development permit approvals from the City of Calgary and may change.

At build-out, Shawnee Park will include a maximum of 1,700 homes. Approximately 550 homes will be lower density (single-family, semi-detached, and townhomes), and 1,150 home will be higher density (townhomes and condos). Shawnee Park is envisioned to take 6 years for completion, subject to market conditions.

August 28, 2015

Construction Update

Construction continues to progress throughout Shawnee Park, with the following scheduled for September.

Grading & Earthworks

Removal of trees in areas that are zoned RC1 and public roads to prepare for overall site grading operation, including haul roads to Phase 3 and stockpile location.

Phase 1

Detour road that bypasses Shawnee Drive will be operational. Underground construction of sewer, water and sanitary mains along Shawnee Drive will occur, as well as sidewalk construction and Shawnee Drive repaving.

Phase 3

Grading and stockpiling of clay for future development.

Phase 4

Loam removal and area grading.

General Community

Construction of haul roads for loam stockpiles. Tree transplanting into landscape buffer area.

August 12, 2015

Protected Tree Areas

The following map illustrates the protected tree areas of the Shawnee Park site as specified in the approved land use bylaw. Substantial tree removal had to occur on DC sites 542012 and 55D2014 because of the large scope of development work that includes underground servicing, major road construction, and high density multi-family and mixed-use buildings that require underground parkades. The bylaw specifies that new trees need to be planted to replace trees that were removed in accordance with the specifications noted in the bylaw. The replanting program will form part of the scope of work included with the actual development of this multi-family and mixed-use area.

August 11, 2015

Phase 1 detour road map

July 23, 2015

Shawnee Park Development update

In August we expect to see an increase in construction activity on the Shawnee Park site for the first time since council approval. Work will commence on the 17 lots in Phase 1 which is located on Shawnee Drive SW between 6th Street SW and Shawnee Court SW. There will be a detour road constructed onto the Shawnee Park property which will allow for sewer and water pipes to be installed that are required to service the new homes in phase 1. Appropriate traffic plans for the detour road have been approved by the City of Calgary and we hope to minimize any delay to traffic that travel along Shawnee Drive. When the detour road is in place we are retaining the sidewalk connection along Shawnee drive to ensure pedestrian connectivity to the Fish Creek/Lacombe LRT station. Please be advised that the existing City of Calgary Transit stop will be temporarily moved in this location but the existing bus route will still be operational.

Along with the construction in Phase 1 we will move into a comprehensive grading program on the east portion of Shawnee Park. The grading of the site is to prepare the site for underground utilities and to ensure proper drainage and engineering targets are met. All grading plans have been approved by the City of Calgary and require significant dust abatement measures take place. During this time the trees on the east portion of the site that are located on the Mixed Use and Multi-Family sites will be removed as directed by the approved City of Calgary bylaw. Construction activity will occur within the approved timelines as dictated by the City of Calgary so that appropriate noise bylaws are not broken. We thank you for your cooperation in this time of transition on Shawnee Park.

June 12, 2015

Community Update

As the Shawnee Park development project moves into the summer months, we are anticipating construction to begin and the community starting to take shape. Phase 1 of development, which consists of 17 new homes on Shawnee Drive, will have traffic impacts to the residents of the community, and a detour road will be constructed between Shawnee Court and 6th Street along Shawnee Drive to keep traffic moving. Construction signage will give adequate notification to the traffic that is impacted, and delays should be expected while servicing occurs. All Calgary Transit bus routes will continue along the current route and temporary bus stops will be provided in this location.

The other major construction activity that will be taking place will be the tree removal and grading of the east portion of the site. Construction crews will begin the process of grading the site to ensure proper engineering can be achieved for construction of deep utilities and roads. A thorough mowing schedule has now been set up to deal with the perimeter of the site, and site maintenance will continue in a regularly scheduled program.

April 16, 2015

Calgary Herald News Article

Single-family home sales begin in Shawnee Park

Calgary Herald

March 30, 2015

Development Update

Planning continues for construction in Phase 1 along Shawnee Drive and grading of the multi-family area on the east side of the site.

We are moving closer to servicing Phase 1 lots, with construction anticipated to start mid-spring. Construction timing updates will be provided to the community when more information comes available. Work is also taking place to remove the asphalt parking lot, and notices to our contractors about street cleaning has been stressed to be a priority.
Phase 1 lots were released for sale on February 28, 2015, with 3 sales completed to date. Construction of Phase 1 homes is targeted to start in late summer, with Phase 1 marketing increasing throughout the spring months.

Phase 2 design and consultation with the city and the community association is underway, with the goal of commencing construction in fall 2015. An update on the timing for the release of Phase 2 lots for sale will be provided once the development schedule is further clarified.

Visit or our Information Centre at Cardel Head Office, 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE, with any questions.

Jan 26, 2015

Project Update

We are expecting big things for Shawnee Park in 2015, starting with the construction of our first phase in the spring as well as the start of the grading of the multi-family sites on the east portion of the site. We have completed the removal of the clubhouse and will move on to earthworks preparation starting in March. Immediate activity on site will consist of addressing the perimeter fencing that is above City of Calgary height standard as well as continuing the tree cleanup due to storms last fall. Cardel and Genstar are continually meeting with Shawnee Evergreen Community Association (SECA) to address architectural design and site design with more to review in the early part of this year. We look forward to continued discussions with the community association to ensure a smooth construction process and keep the community informed of all upcoming development permits.

Updates will become more frequent as we move into construction season.
Visit or our Information Centre at Cardel Head Office, 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE, with any questions.

Nov 10, 2014

Phase 1 development approvals progressing, site debris cleanup continues

Phase 1 development approval continues to progress with the city. Cardel will evaluate whether lot sales can commence in mid to late January 2015. Phase 4 multi- and mixed-use sites are currently being evaluated for development in 2015.

Cardel has been receiving many requests for more information on the types of homes being planned and what they might look like. Work is underway to determine how the current conceptual homes will be presented on the website. Any homes presented on the website in the future would still be subject to City of Calgary development permit approval.

We will be on site to clean up some of the debris from broken trees over the next few weeks. Cardel and Genstar have been meeting with City of Calgary administration to review the damage and discuss development implications.

Oct 22, 2014

Project Update

FAQs have been updated, and a revised Conceptual Phase Map has been posted online along with the latest Land Use Concept Map. View FAQs and maps in the left navigation bar.

Sept 30, 2014

Project Update

Although we were targeting for an October release of our Phase 1 lots, approval delays at the City have required us to postpone the sales date.

Please continue to watch your email for updates as we will keep you posted on the progress and confirm a new release date in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience.

Sept 22, 2014

Project Update

Over the past week, we have been cleaning up some of the trees that were severely impacted by the snow storm. As in many areas of the city, the trees in Shawnee Park were damaged and we will have our arborist reviewing tree health to evaluate which can survive.

Cleanup of the former maintenance shed is ongoing as well as excavation and testing of the soils. Soil clean-up is directly related to a former septic field location on the former driving range of the golf course. We will be excavating the former septic field and disposing of it as per City of Calgary standards.

Internally we continue to work with the City of Calgary on the engineering and phasing of Shawnee Park. We do not anticipate any major construction in 2014 as some of the site planning exercises are requiring further analysis. We thank you for your patience.

Sept 12, 2014

Project Update

Due to the recent snow storm and its impact on the trees in Shawnee Park, we have our crews assessing the status of the perimeter of the site. Crews have been asked to clean up broken limbs of trees that are a direct safety hazard to adjacent neighbours and property. Since the damage was significant, we ask for patience with the clean up as we make our way around Shawnee Park targeting the priority areas first. In the upcoming months, we plan on having an arborist back on site to assess the damage and evaluate the impact to the trees.

Despite the poor weather, we are on site working on some of the contaminated soil sampling and will move into the demolition of the maintenance building soon afterwards. We plan to be on site full time now that all the demolition permits are in place and are still aiming for an end of September completion date.

Sept 9, 2014

Project Update

The proposed phase 1 of development for Shawnee Park along Shawnee Drive has been delayed due to engineering requirements by the City of Calgary. Due to the delay we do not anticipate construction along Shawnee Drive this year. We will keep the community updated with further updates on engineering approvals as we work with the City.

Sales release dates as posted will be subject to change based on the approval delay for phase 1.

The double fence that was initially installed by Geo-Energy is in the process of being removed. We anticipate moving to the north area of the site starting next week for the removal of the fence and clean up behind the removed fence. Fence repairs occured last week on the south boundary of Shawnee Park to ensure site security and proper upkeep of the boundary.

Sept 3, 2014

Soil remediation, fencing repairs and tree assessments underway

Demolition of the golf course maintenance shed will resume during the next two weeks pending sign off from the City of Calgary. Along with the site demolition there will be soil sampling crews completing the environmental assessment to make sure all contaminated soils are removed from the former building areas.

Fencing crews will continue repairs of damaged fencing, and all of the double fence around the perimeter of the site will be removed to ensure wildlife safety. Fence removal on the north area by Fish Creek Park will proceed after south sections are completed.

Additionally, interior trees are being assessed for health over the next few weeks. An arborist will be on site identifying viability of trees and recommending a pruning initiative for the fall.

Aug 26, 2014

Remediation and tree protection in place as construction plans progress, online FAQ added

Over the past month, demolition and soil testing have continued on the clubhouse. Any soil contamination cleanup, as a part of the environmental remediation requirements, is in the process of being confirmed. Trees have been a priority over the past month, with tree protection fencing being installed as per City of Calgary requirements to ensure no trees are disturbed during construction. The trees along the perimeter of the site have been pruned as per the recommendation of our arborist and further tree pruning will commence in the interior of the site.

Site maintenance along the perimeter of Shawnee Park continues and requirements for grass cutting in the interior of the site will also continue to be monitored.

Due to further engineering requirements, stripping and grading activities are not anticipated in 2014. Engineering approvals are continuing to proceed with the City of Calgary for Phase 1 of development (along Shawnee Drive). It is anticipated that detour road construction along Shawnee Drive will commence in early fall to ensure traffic disruptions are reduced for commuters along the construction zone.

As construction commences along Shawnee Drive, extended water and sewer services beside the old driving range, the future construction of a sidewalk and street lights along the golf course all form part of the scope of work. Further updates on the construction scheduling of Phase 1 will be provided to residents as approvals are received from the City of Calgary.

June 27, 2014

Phase 1 & 2 conceptual community map

On June 10, the SECA board met with Cardel Homes and Genstar Development Company to review development progress to date. Currently, work is underway to demolish the Shawnee Slopes clubhouse, clean up old golf facilities and complete the appropriate soil remediation. A landscaping maintenance program has commenced, including grass cutting and tree trimming to manage the site prior to construction start. Work is underway on the grading plan for the site with key goals being to minimize truck traffic on surrounding roads and to control the dust during construction as this will entail the mobilization of construction equipment on the land. Phase 1 of development is at an engineering stage. Residents adjacent to Phase 1 will be advised of upcoming construction schedules, which should occur in the fall. A conceptual community map outlining Phases 1 & 2 has been posted online.

Conceptual community map undergoing updates. Check back soon.

April 17, 2014

Tentative Phase 1 and 2 development plans presented

On April 16, Cardel Homes, Genstar and the City of Calgary met to review the current Phase 1 and 2 tentative plans with a focus on discussing the tree protection plan required in advance of stripping and grading approval. An action plan was agreed to in formulating the next set of development permit applications.

In addition to monthly development updates at SECA meetings, Cardel and Genstar will deliver specific presentations to the Board on proposed development permit concepts to keep the Board and residents up to date on the status.

Cardel continues to survey customers on product design preferences. To receive Cardel customer database updates, simply register as a VIP via the link to the left.

March 24, 2014

Engineering review and phasing plans in full swing

Genstar has been working diligently with its team of consultants and the City of Calgary over the past 6 months to engage in a full engineering review of the Shawnee Park site. Along with this engineering review, the phasing plan, tree protection plan and product development continue to evolve.

As the project moves forward through 2014, plans for a stripping and grading plan of the first phase of development will continue with a target to break ground in late 2014. Cardel, Genstar, and the entire team involved appreciate the patience and cooperation from the community as everything moves forward in 2014.

January 27, 2014

Conceptual phasing plans in place

Planning and engineering for Shawnee Park continues to progress, with a focus on evaluating the best options for stormwater management and efficiently integrating existing trees into the development. Conceptual phasing plans have been developed for the community build-out, and product design options continue to evolve for single-family homes, condos and multi-family residences.

Cardel and Genstar met with Councillor Diane Colley Urquhart on January 15, 2014, with project status updates. Timing for Phase 1 tentative planning and development permit approvals were also discussed. Consultation with the city will continue to increase throughout the first quarter of 2014.

October 17, 2013

Cardel Homes names development manager for Shawnee Park

Cardel Homes has named Genstar Development Company as development manager for Shawnee Park, Calgary’s newest SW community. Cardel Homes has a long history of building in Genstar communities, including Chaparral Valley, Walden, Panorama, Evansview and many more.

Genstar is a real estate development company specializing in master-planned residential developments in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto. Creating its first master-planned community in the 1950s, Genstar has developed tens of thousands of acres throughout Canada into communities that offer innovative amenities, lasting value and exceptional quality of life.

Cardel looks forward to building on a long-term partnership of creating special places with Genstar.

October 7, 2013

Project Update

It has been a busy summer at Shawnee Park. Calgary’s newest SW community is beginning to take shape, and there are exciting updates to report:

  • Cardel has hired Genstar Development as Shawnee Park’s development manager. Genstar brings years of experience and talent to the project, and their involvement will enhance the overall quality of
    this burgeoning community.
  • Over the next several weeks, the following actions will be taking place on site:
  • Surveyors will be performing a boundary survey to determine the exact location of the property lines.
  • A full topographic survey will be completed.
  • Drilling rigs will be on site drilling the test holes for some of the studies required by the City of Calgary.
  • The organic fill site bordering James Mckevitt drive will have some larger equipment moving the fill around and flattening it out for roughly one day.
  • New signage will be installed on James Mckevitt Drive and on 6 Street SW. New perimeter signage will be installed as well.
  • The clubhouse and some of the other buildings are in the process of being dismantled. Full demolition of remaining buildings and foundations should be complete by year end.

July 4, 2013

Cardel Homes names development manager for Shawnee Park

Since our announcement of the acquisition and development plans for Shawnee Park, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of interest, feedback and support for this exciting and new yet mature community.

Many of the inquiries we have received regarding Shawnee Park have been focused around development timelines, product mix and pricing, as well as purchase timelines. Although some of the specific details regarding price, product design and specifications will depend on our engagement process with the greater Calgary community, we are targeting showhome construction and residential sales as early as spring/summer 2014.

June 7, 2013

Press Release

cardel_logo_shawneeCardel Homes Acquires Shawnee Park Lands
Progressive, mixed-used community slated for creation

Cardel Homes announced today the acquisition of Shawnee Park, 130 acres of privately owned land formerly known as Shaw-nee Slopes Golf Course, which ceased operations in 2011. Cardel Homes purchased the SW Calgary tract, located alongside the southern edge of Fish Creek Park, from Geo-Energy Enterprises, Ltd.

This fall, Cardel plans to begin development of the 1,700-unit, city-approved project, consisting of condo apartments, townhomes, and single-family estate homes, all adjacent to Fish Creek Park. This forward-thinking product mix will address a growing need for higher density housing in an outstanding, established southwest Calgary location and will provide options for homebuyers at virtually every life stage. Shawnee Park will also offer a range of commercial shops and services for area residents in addition to prime access to the Fish Creek LRT Station. Community residents and the public will enjoy open access to a network of community trails and dedicated greenspace that were previously accessible only to golfers.

With a vested interest in the area since 1973, Cardel is committed to preserving the majority of Shawnee Park’s mature trees while enhancing the landscape and providing much-needed housing options for a city on the grow.

“I am extremely pleased with this news,” commented Diane Colley-Urquhart, Alderman for Ward 13. “Cardel Homes has a stellar reputation as one of the finest homebuilders in our city.”

Over the last four decades, Cardel has built close to 8,000 homes in Calgary, Ottawa, Denver and Tampa. From single-family homes to multi-family townhomes and condos – even resort properties – Cardel offers a full lineup of homes from starter to estate models.

“I have known [Cardel President and CEO] Ryan Ockey for many years and have seen first hand his commitment to excellence, engaging citizens and building beautiful communities,” commented Alderman Colley-Urquhart. “I know the Ockey family will build a legacy flagship community.”

Established in 1973 by Del and Caryl Ockey, two former schoolteachers, Cardel Homes has since become one of the city’s most successful homebuilders, holding the most building permits of any builder for the past seven consecutive years. Along with a single-family home division, the Cardel Group of Companies includes a multi-family brand – Cardel Lifestyles – as well as Cardel Inner City, Cardel Renovations, the Cardel Financial mortgage brokerage, the community Cardel Theatre and Cardel Foundations, the company’s charitable division, which has donated over $15M to charity through the years.

Despite Cardel’s growth, the company remains family owned and family oriented. The acquisition of the Shawnee Park lands, framed by the largest continuous urban park in North America, marks a new level in the company’s 40-year history of community stewardship and building special places.