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Our homes are 29.6% more energy
efficient than standard built homes.(as tested by an independent certified energy consultant)

Cardel is committed to sustainable building practices. We incorporate many energy-efficient building features into your home to minimize environmental impact and save you money. Many of these features mean you’ll enjoy lower utility bills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Air Quality
  • Soil gas extraction rough-in
  • 75% SRE, non-dedicated heat recovery ventilator
Energy Efficiency
  • Drain water heat recovery “Power Pipe”
  • 400 kWh/year electrical savings via CFL and LED bulbs throughout home
  • 96% AFUE furnace with ECM motor and two-speed fan
  • Hydronic air handler with ECM motor. CSA P.9-11 certified
  • Rinnai condensing, tankless instant hot water heater (rental unit) 96% efficient
  • Wi-Fi thermostat
Thermal Enhancements and Comfort
  • Insulated structural wall sheathing providing continuous R5 insulation plus R22 batt
  • Energy Star rated windows with low-e coating and argon gas
  • Spray foam all window and door perimeters
  • Energy efficient house wrap and Quickflash gasket at all vents and wall penetrations (except A/C linesets)
  • R60 attic insulation
  • Exposed floors: R31 batt insulation unit
When you purchase a Cardel, you can feel good about owning a cost-effective, efficient home with all the features and benefits that have made us a trusted name for over 40 years.

Cardel Homes is introducing a unique upgrade for 50 newly-built
homes in 2018:

100% green electricity! In addition to purchasing an energy-efficient property, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that, for the first year, your home will be bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, renewable electricity – all courtesy of Cardel Homes.

As a homeowner, you’ll pay the cost for conventional electricity, as provided by your utility of choice, and through our partnership, Bullfrog Power’s generators will put renewable electricity onto the grid to match the amount of power consumed in your home. In having a home that is bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity, it will reduce your carbon emissions footprint by more than 1 tonne per year!

Bullfrog Power logo

How it works.

When you choose green electricity with Bullfrog Power, you make sure that for every kWh of electricity you purchase, a kWh from a pollution-free, renewable source is produced and put on the grid on your behalf. When Canadians choose renewable electricity, we reduce the collective demand on fossil fuel-based generation. In purchasing this home and supporting green power, you are helping to green Canada’s energy system, and create a low-carbon future!


We’re putting green energy on the grid for your home at no cost to you.


We’re reducing the emissions of your home by more than 1 tonne.


We’re supporting the growth of green energy projects in Canada.