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Shawnee Park City Wide Possibilities Cardel Homes


Not only does Shawnee Park bolster an impressively close proximity to nature, it also offers direct access to life’s necessities—a major perk when it comes to choosing your home’s location. Luckily, for residents of Shawnee Park, this thriving new community offers both.

Located close to James McKevitt Road and MacLeod Trail, Shawnee Park is ideally situated in the southwest, surrounded by a variety of established amenities. Unlike most new communities, everything you need is readily available and conveniently close. From coffee shops and restaurants to grocery stores, shopping centres, daycares and schools, all the essentials plus the nice-to-haves are ready and waiting for you.

Easy access to the rest of the city is also available. Shawnee Park is only a five-minute stroll to the Fish Creek-Lacombe LRT station lending itself to an abun-dance of city-wide possibilities. With a direct link to downtown, commuters can travel to the core of the city within twenty minutes or, better yet, get home from work within twenty minutes, traffic-free.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with nature or get lost in the urban lights, Shawnee Park is the perfect hub for city-wide possibilities. Through a deliberate blend of accessible conveniences, natural surroundings and exceptional homes, this community has it all, and you can too.