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Triple car garage model available in Walden

Triple car garage model available in Walden

We all know that demand trends are changing rapidly within the Calgary real estate market. Buyers want to invest in new homes that offer innovation and something unique to help protect their investment in the long term, which is apparent from the rising bungalow demand. Another housing form that offers something distinct and truly valuable is Cardel’s triple tandem garage model, the Tandem Bay.

I expect that the demand for an oversized garage will increase in the future given the benefits it offers and the fact that it’s something you can never add through renovation. Given today’s buyer’s market conditions and the incredible interest rates, if you were ever thinking of investing in a triple garage home, now might be the right time. Of course, the cost of a triple car garage model is higher, but Cardel’s 2,143 sq ft Tandem Bay is available on a park lot in Walden for $549,900, including house, lot, and GST.

I would encourage you to do some research on MLS to see if you find this type of home available for sale. I would anticipate that you wouldn’t find many because I’m confident those who purchased this type of home love it.

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