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Adapting to a New Corporate Culture

When you join a new workplace, you may be the only new employee starting, which can make it overwhelming, frightening and even isolating at first. Not only do you have to learn new job tasks but you also need to learn a new culture. There are many things you can do, however, to make this transition easier.

Be humble.
This may be an exciting opportunity for you, and you’re anxious to get started and make your mark by offering ideas for different ways of doing things. However, sometimes processes are in place because they work. Other methods may have already been tried and were determined unsuccessful. Learn how and why things are done a certain way before making suggestions for change.

Be attentive.
Watch and listen to how your boss, long-serving employees and star performers interact with others, solve problems and accomplish tasks. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t work in the new workplace culture.

Be social.
Make a point of learning people’s names quickly and create opportunities to get to know people such as eating in the lunchroom, attending social activities, joining workplace clubs or groups (i.e. pot-luck lunch club, yoga, softball, etc.) and volunteering for charitable initiatives organized by the company.

If you’re genuine about getting to know people in your new workplace and make sincere efforts to adapt and accept a new corporate culture, your transition into a new job or career can be an exciting and enjoyable one.

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