Make yourself a home.

Welcome to the Cardel Homes Design Center. Cardel takes great pride in sharing the creative process of homebuilding with you. Homebuyers are invited to immerse themselves in our 3,500 square-foot design space. We’re ready to make your house a home.

Have a peek at our new design center!

One space, infinite possibilities

Our designer has meticulously sourced a wide range of popular products from leading brands to bring you an assortment of options for every stage of your home’s interior. We make it easy to tailor your home to your tastes and style.

A simplified experience, by design

Where you might expect 10 or more meetings with other homebuilders and trips to many suppliers, Cardel has done the shopping for you, collecting everything in one extraordinary boutique-style center while condensing the design process into a short series of enjoyable appointments.

We put the expert in your corner

With our design expert on your side, it’s easier than ever to get the home you’ve always wanted. Cardel’s designer works with you throughout every stage to demystify the design process using large-scale samples that give an accurate reflection of how your home will look.

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