What started as a small, family-owned business has now flourished into an international company, shaping over 150 communities and building more than 20,000 homes across North America in Colorado, Florida, Alberta and Ontario.

Despite our growth, Cardel retains the best attributes of a family-run business – quick reflexes, a tight-knit management team, and an ironclad dedication to quality and community.

Before it all started

Del and Caryl Ockey were school teachers before they decided to build homes. The name was derived from the first 3 letters of their first names.

Caryl and Del
First Cardel home 1973


Cardel builds its first home in Calgary, Alberta.

Cardel 1990


Cardel reaches 1,000 homes built.

Cardel 1996


We become politically correct and build our first home in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Cardel 2000


Cardel reaches 3,000 homes built.

Cardel 2001


Cardel builds our first home with no basement when we move into the Florida market.

Cardel 2002


We start multi-family. More affordable than single-family but with the same attention-to-detail.

Cardel 2004


We took to the slopes and expanded into recreational product, constructing the two main buildings at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia.

Cardel 2005


We looked to mirror Calgary’s success in its sister city and built our first home in Denver, Colorado.

Cardel 2012


Cardel builds over 10,000 homes.

Cardel 2016


We establish a rental division in Ontario.

Cardel 2020


Cardel reaches 20,000 homes built.

Cardel 2023


Cardel celebrates its 50th anniversary, looking forward to many more years of achievement and growth.

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