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Cardel Homes has been building for over 45 years, and we’re still setting new benchmarks as we deliver what modern families want: well thought-out floorplans, features that make life easier and great value in a great home.

Here are a just a few ways:

Our floorplans make sense.

Most homes are hives of activity, especially when kids and pets are in the mix. We also understand that you may choose to sell your home in the future. That’s why we design every Cardel floorplan for greater family efficiency and resale value. Every time you haul a hockey bag out to the garage, have friends over for dinner or come home to relax after a long day, you’ll appreciate important details like mudrooms, customized kitchens and great space planning in each of our home designs.

We build where families want to live.

Cardel knows how important it is to have easy access to services, groceries, schools, major roads and recreation opportunities. That’s why we’re highly selective when it comes to the communities we build in – vibrant neighbourhoods that offer a mix of conveniences. When you’re taxiing kids around, commuting to work and running errands, minutes count. And while we can’t provide more hours in the day, we can offer a better way to spend the precious time you have: connecting with family and friends in a community you love.

Our standards are a cut above.

Every Cardel home is built to look better and last longer. We pay close attention to the importance of curb appeal, great-looking interiors, a stronger structure, energy efficiency and showhome-quality construction. It’s all standard and delivered with a “customer for life” commitment.

Dollar for dollar, you get more with Cardel.

Every Cardel home is engineered to give you more for your money. We’re committed to delivering top-notch product design, interior options, design expertise, value-added pricing and low financing rates. Our skilled staff, developer partners and network of tradespeople make it all possible.

Built on a solid foundation.



Back in 1973, we built the first Cardel home. And while our ambition was modest – to build one home for one family – our sense of responsibility was as real as that first nail. Today, nearly four decades later, Cardel has grown into an international builder with operations in Colorado, Florida, Alberta and Ontario. But despite our growth and expansion, we still retain the best attributes of a family-run business: quick reflexes, a tight-knit management team and an ironclad dedication to quality and community.

Beyond bricks and mortar, Cardel actively supports initiatives that enrich lives and communities through our charitable division, Cardel Foundations. From breast cancer campaigns and food bank drives to programs that help keep underprivileged kids in sports, Cardel Foundations is committed to building strong communities in every sense.

Committed to healthy families.


Cardel is proud to sponsor CardelRec Goulbourn Recreation Complex, a state-of-the-art sports and recreation complex featuring programs for all ages. Offering a year-round events calendar, CardelRec has everything families need to stay active, including ice arenas, a community gymnasium, a swimming pool, programming spaces, meeting rooms and more! CardelRec is located in Stittsville near our Blackstone and EdenWylde communities, and serves 10,000 Ottawans weekly – everyone is welcome.

As a family-owned business for over 45 years, Cardel has always had a focus on community. Sponsoring CardelRec Goulbourn is just one more facet of our commitment to healthy, happy communities since 1973.View press release >