An Innovative Alternative

Developed by our Innovation team, the Lancaster Independence option offers an alternative main floor plan that features universal design and promotes independent living.

Barrier-free access, space for manoeuvrability, wider doors, and easily accessible light switches, plugins and thermostats allow a for safer, more practical home you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Switches to be located 40′ above finished floor
  • Thermostat to be located 47′ above finished floor
  • Ensuite tub deleted. Ensuite pre-finished shower base deleted and replaced with tiled shower. Includes floor-to-ceiling glass and no glass door. Joists revised to allow for dropped flooring to slope toward drain with flush entry into shower. Ensuite windows revised
  • Includes 3’x4′ rear landing
  • Linen closet relocated to inside laundry room
  • Additional linen closet added in bedroom hallway
  • Kitchen layout revised with relocated pantry
  • Patio slider replaced with 3′-0′ x 6′-0′ full lite French door
  • Main stairs widened with relocated handrail
  • Door sizes increased wherever possible
  • Walls shifted to accommodate 5′ turning radius

Available in these communities