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Want some Cardel insider tips on submitting a cover letter and résumé?

Tip #1.
If you’re sending in a résumé for a specific job posting, send the résumé as a Word doc or pdf and in the subject line of your email put “Job # – First Name Last Name” (i.e. TPA-REC-2015 – Jane Smith). If you’re submitting a résumé without a specific job posting in mind please put “Job Title – First Name Last Name” (i.e. Receptionist – Jane Smith) in the subject line.

Tip #2.
If you’re including a cover letter, really make it count. Be specific about what you’re looking for by quoting the job posting number or indicating a job title, including the level of position you’re qualified for (i.e. junior, intermediate or senior) and indicating if full-time or part-time work is your preference. Also consider what questions your résumé may create for our HR team and attempt to pro-actively answer them. For example, if you’ve been an accountant for your entire career but are applying for a sales position, provide some explanation about your career change. If you’re applying for a part-time position but are currently working full-time, give some details about whether this new position is to replace the current one or supplement it. The fewer questions you raise in the mind of the recruiter or hiring manager, the more consideration your application will be given.

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