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Your home should be a source of pride, play, and protection for you and your family.

Your home’s exterior is not only the first impression for guests, friends, and family, but also the face of your home. It’s what gives you the “ahh” feeling when you pull in the driveway.
No one buys a home and only considers the interior. Likewise, the entirety of your home should be considered when selecting upgrades. Your home’s exterior deserves the same attention, care, and savvy features as the inside.
With many evenings likely to be spent rocking on the porch, relaxing in the backyard, and spending quality time with loved ones, your home’s exterior should be all about creating memories!

Extended Stone

Refined and timeless, a stone exterior gives your home a feeling of class and distinction that vinyl siding simply cannot match. Stone is also resistant to fire and storm damage, nearly maintenance-free, and promises to last as long as your home does! Making the shift from vinyl siding to a stone exterior can be a difficult process — that’s why we recommend upgrading to stone before construction is complete.


Glass Front Door

Adding an elegant glass front door not only boosts the curb appeal of your new home, but lets in extra light and creates a beautiful, luxurious entrance. Glass front doors are especially popular among elevation-style homes, such as the Craftsman, Mizner, and Italian Villa designs. A glass front door can also be upgraded to include wrought iron accents for strength and visual appeal.

The outside of your home isn’t just the first thing others see, it’s the first thing you see after a long day away. Feel more at home than ever by elevating your home’s curb appeal.