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Does your kitchen feel like the heart of your home?

For many savvy homebuyers, it certainly does. That’s why enhancing your kitchen’s form and functionality is an ongoing project — there’s always room for upgrades! Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or for a boost in resale value, the following upgrades will give your home the extra kick it needs right now and for years to come.


It’s no secret why Quartz is a household favorite for modern homeowners. Its durable build, customizable design and low-maintenance material make quartz a top countertop choice. Because the material is sturdier than marble and resistant to stains, bacteria and heat damage, quartz is a beautiful upgrade for kitchens of all looks, sizes and styles.



Adding a top row of 18″ ceiling cabinets creates visual appeal and a luxurious look for guests to admire. Installing glass doors on your cabinets also offers a pleasant viewing panel for china, collectible glassware and family heirlooms.

Your master bathroom should be your home’s sanctuary — a place to relax, unwind, prepare for the day, and enjoy some well-deserved alone time.

From new and improved lighting, to beautiful center islands, you’ll want to know the rest of our savvy kitchen upgrades.