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One of the greatest joys of building a new home? The freedom to customize it!

With the following smart upgrades, you can feel confident in your custom selections and take pleasure knowing that your home was built just for you. While over-customizing your home is rarely recommended, the following suggestions offer a nice balance between making the home your own and adding to its value for future buyers.


Adding some extra detail to your ceiling can go a long way in bringing each room together. Coffered ceilings add dimension and definition to any room with bold beams that can be painted to match your home’s color palette and decor. Alternatively, tray ceilings feature a center section that sits higher than the perimeter of the room, offering the appearance of a luxurious lobby-style ceiling rather than a bland, ordinary one. Add painted trim or perimeter lighting around the ceiling for additional character.

Custom feature 3_alternate
Custom feature 2


Making your family’s life more enjoyable and productive requires planning, which is exactly where a drop zone (also known as a mudroom) comes into play. A drop zone serves as a designated area to house your family’s most frequently used items. When designing the drop zone, keep in mind the items your family uses regularly, then design accordingly.

Finding the right mix of custom features to fit your family’s needs can take time, but it’s well worth the investment.

From new ceiling details to polished wood flooring, find out more about what our savvy custom upgrades can do for your home — after all, they’re what make your home undeniably you!