Our sales centres and model homes are open by appointment only.

and pre-approved.

As an alternative to first come, first served, we are listing pre-selected floorplans on specific lots and making them available to buy online. Any customer can make an offer with proof of mortgage pre-approval. A deposit of $1000 is required to make your offer. You can only make one offer per home, so make it count!

Cardel Homes Buyonline offering

How it works:


1. Pre-approval

Email your document. For your offer to count, make sure you've emailed your mortgage pre-approval document to:


2. Make your offer

When you're ready to make an offer, click on the "Make your offer" button. You can only make one offer on one home once. Your offer needs to be a minimum of the listed opening price – anything less will be disqualified. A deposit of $1000 is required for your offer. Powered by Stripe


3. Winners selected

The winners will be contacted after the listing closes. Runners-up will be notified within 24 hrs and held in reserve until the winning contract closes. Please note that for homeowners, a 10% deposit on pre-tax amount will be due at the time of signing. For investors, a 20% deposit will be required on all investment properties.


4. Refunds made

All unsuccessful offers will be refunded their $1000 offer deposits. Please note, this may take a few days to process. If the individual making the winning offer decides not to purchase the home, they forfeit their $1000 offer deposit.

Outstanding offers.

Here are the pre-selected homes available to buy online.

The lot, floorplan and options have been pre-selected.
Winners will be able to customize exterior and interior colours.